Local society activities include garden visits and field trips to places of interest, educational tours, and special plantings of palms and cycads. An annual auction and social gathering is held each summer, and an annual public sale each autumn. Members may also take part in a wide range of international tours and activities.

Plant Sales

The society runs two large sales every year, an annual public sale at the Auckland Botanic Gardens on Palm Sunday weekend (the weekend before Easter) each year and The AGM & Rare Plant Sale held at Landsent this year on Sunday December 22nd. Many commercial growers have plants on offer, and members can use this sale to sell their own plants. For details on the next Sale click here.


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Palms and Cycads


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AGM and Rare Plant Sale

The Palm and Cycad Society's annual AGM & rare plant auction are at:
Landsendt Sunday the 22 of November.

The AGM begins at 11am the auction starts at 12.30

Landsendt: 108 Parker Road, Oratia, Auckland

Phone:  09 818 6914, Mobile:  027 247 8993

Interviews, tutorials, travel and landscaping tips.

  • It's wonderful having a place to go when I have questions about palms. The people at the garden centre know a little, but there are real experts at

    Brian Peterson, Palm fan
  • Being able to catch up with other growers is invaluable. provides the perfect forum to chat or trade

    Mary Lockhart, Nursery Owner
  • There's nowhere in New Zealand where more fans of cycads come to than Awesome!

    Nicholas Woods, Cycad Freak

Fantastic new book

Australian Palms Biogeography, Ecology and Systematics
John Leslie Dowe

If you love your copy of Palms of Madagascar, then this will be a fitting accompaniment for the palms of Australia. A new book by Research Botanist John Leslie Dowe, titled Australian Palms, Biogeography, Ecology and Systematics is a beautifully presented and well laid out look at all Australian palms including those of Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands. The opening chapters of the book give an insight into early palm collecting and documentation in Australia. There are small biographies of the leading botanists which make for interesting reading, and small extracts from their work help complete the picture. Chapters also focus on fossils in Australia and New Zealand, climate, natural disasters, distribution and more. The fossil section makes compelling reading, and contains many photos, maps and tables of extinct species from Australasia. There is also a systematic arrangement of fossil palms, which shows 10 species that once lived in New Zealand but have now been lost to the mists of time.

To buy the book click { here }